Welcome to Smith BV Technical Products

Welcome to Smith. The place to go for round and rectangular copper wire, welding wire, overhead lines and reels. Are you looking for a related or specific product? We can order it or have it specially made for you.

In addition to Dasol 180, Damid 200, Damidbond 200, Daprest 200 and DAMID 200 CR enamelled copper wire, we also supply round copper wire with a glass fibre, glass fibre polyester, paper, Nomex or Kapton insulation. You can also contact us for Soudronic High Performance Welding Wire, enamelled aluminium wire Damid AL, copper tape and aluminium tape. We deliver the best quality from our large warehouse in Ridderkerk, directly from stock and within 24 hours in the Netherlands and Belgium, and throughout the rest of Europe.

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