Smith BV is the leading specialist in the Netherlands in the field of enamelled round and rectangular copper wire. We stand out from others by delivering the very best quality at a favourable price.

Our large warehouse enables us to deliver directly from stock and within 24 hours. We can also answer all your technical questions, with support from Dahrén. Our customers are primarily from the Netherlands and Belgium, but we also deliver to other European countries.

History of Smith BV

1955   Establishment of Technische Handelsonderneming Smith by Mr. F.H.J. Smith in Rotterdam. The company mainly focuses on the sale of fasteners and enamelled copper wire.
1979   Son J.J. Smith joins the company. The sale of copper wire is becoming ever more important.
1996   Smith BV established in a building with a large warehouse in Ridderkerk-Bolnes. The company has become the leading specialist in the field of round and rectangular copper wire.
2020   Smith BV celebrates its 65th anniversary!

About copper

It is impossible to imagine our modern society without copper. Its applications include televisions, computers, smartphones, iPods and e-readers, Water pipes, high-voltage cables and railway overhead lines are also made of copper. But what is coper actually? Where does it come from? And why is it so interesting for thieves? Wikismith takes a look at the wonderful world of copper.

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